A volunteer from Doc Tours recently visited Sigatoka Hospital to practice Occupational Therapy for the local Fijians. This was Robyn Scheer’s second visit as a volunteer in Sigatoka and she reported back on her experience. Day 1 Monday: Sigatoka Hospital, Fiji The week began with an 8 am meeting of all doctors at Sigatoka hospital […]

Nepal for Medical Students – We have a special Student Placement  – Nepal for Medical Students – commences on 8 December 2019. You will be based in one of several hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley as well as have the opportunity to do basic medical check-ups and conduct health and hygiene classes at a local […]

A Volunteer Nurse in Timor Leste Some of our volunteers are humble and do not always see how much value they deliver or understand the huge benefit of what they do. We believe (and hope) that the benefits emerge on many fronts: there are warm smiles and words of gratitude received from the patients, volunteers […]

Healthcare volunteering in Fiji Researching for our healthcare volunteering in Fiji programs: We climbed aboard a rickety old bus, gave a few coins to the driver and sat on a seat with torn covers. I looked out the window, there was no glass, however, the sea breeze provided some very welcome ventilation. What did seem […]

Medical Volunteering in Namibia A relatively safe (although not risk-free) destination is to visit and go volunteering in Namibia.  It’s location in the far south of Africa places it a very long distance from the troubles in the West African nations.  The vivid desert landscape and wildlife are awesome with magnificent cheetahs now part of […]