Your medical elective should be an experience of a lifetime!  The book, Anatomy of an Awesome Medical Elective, provides valuable information to assist students with planning and getting the most out of the experience. As part of your training, you have a four to eight-week window to travel anywhere in the world and get some […]

DocTours helps you prepare for your international medical placement. So, what’s new? Here are some helpful suggestions to check out before you go! Our good friends in Namibia are seeking a GP to work in their remote clinic for the next 3-6 months.  It would be a great sabbatical and an opportunity to explore this […]

While visiting Namibia for your medical placement, stay a few extra days to experience some of these amazing activities! 1 Sail across the Desert in a Hot Air Balloon 2 Safari through the Etosha National Park: Namibia’s best national park; Wildlife include elephant, lion, leopard, black and white rhino, cheetah, giraffe, zebra and antelope. 3 […]

Here are just a few awesome things to do and see while in Tonga .. 1 . Swim with Humpback whales. During their migration in July-October, you can see them swimming along the coast. Take a boat trip so you can get closer and swim with them.2. Explore the diverse underwater ecosystem while diving and snorkeling, […]

We are pleased to launch the DocTours Referral Program.  For every person you refer, we will pay you a referral fee of A$50 when they sign up with DocTours. You can choose to receive this fee in cash or we can donate it to your favourite charity on your behalf or you can apply it […]

There are so many awesome things to do and see in Vietnam …. here are the top 10: 1. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is known for its architecture and French influences. At its heart lies the Old Quarter where narrow streets are alive with cafes, markets and interesting shops. The famous Dong Xuan market […]

One of our students recently completed his dental elective in Cambodia.  Spending time in the hospital dental clinic and then volunteering at a local school to teach the children about the importance of healthy brushing. He told us:  “Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the entire team for my amazing […]

DocTours has another very special student group volunteer program in Nepal commencing on 8 December 2019.  During your two week program, you will observe and assist at a local hospital, do basic medical checks and conduct health and hygiene classes at remote schools.  All medical and healthcare students (at all stages of training) are welcome. […]

Launching our newest destination for medical placements – medical electives in Vietnam … DocTours is now offering medical placements at the Viet Duc University Hospital (‘VDUH’) in Hanoi. The VDUH is one of the largest hospitals in Vietnam and undertakes a wide range of surgical procedures include neurosurgery, orthopedics, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, gastroenterology, plastic, […]

Authored by Karin Eurell Hot off the press:  How to Plan your International Student Placement and Get the Most out of it! Are you dreaming of, or planning, your international student placement? Feeling some FOMO or overwhelmed by the choices, decisions and research needed? Not sure where to start, where to go and how much it […]

Orphanages in Cambodia have received some poor PR in recent years.  However, through our contacts in the medical industry, we often connect with schools and causes where allied health professionals are genuinely needed. They have asked for the support of medical professionals and healthcare students – do you know someone who can help? It is […]

Meet Jaime, from NSW.  She has been volunteering as a nurse and midwife in Moshi, the capital of the Kilimanjaro region in north-eastern Tanzania.  She shared a picture of her holding a little guy that she just delivered.  The mum spoke no English and Jaime spoke very little Swahili at the time.  However, the mother […]

We are two medical students from Sydney who travelled to Nepal for a four-week medical elective placement. We landed in Kathmandu after a long overnight flight very tired, so coming out of the airport to find our hosts, Bijuli and Sunita, waiting with a Nepali flag and traditional welcome was wonderful. Their homestay was welcoming […]

Fiji has much to offer outside the tourist resorts and is a fantastic location for medical volunteers and students.  Here are some fun things to do: 1. Get down and dirty in a mud bath and swim in a natural hot spring. Known to be great for the skin and a real cleansing experience.  Afterwards stroll […]

DocTours medical volunteers providing healthcare in Cambodia and are doing terrific work to help the young people build happier and healthier lives.  Don (a paramedic) said:  “Wow what an amazing experience being part of the medical volunteer program. I taught the children about hygiene and treated one of the volunteers at the school. Thanks for arranging […]

We are very excited to launch placements in Vietnam – our hot new destination for medical students, nursing students and medical volunteers.  Vietnam:  A beautiful country, rich in culture, a challenging history and an amazingly interesting place to visit. DocTours will be offering placements at the Viet Duc University Hospital (‘VDUH’) in Hanoi.  The VDUH […]

Long distance swimmer and ocean advocate Ben Lecomte is looking for a volunteer medic to join a crew of 10 on a 3-month swimming/sailing expedition from Hawaii to California.  After spending 165 days at sea and swimming over 1500 nautical miles off the coast of Japan in 2018 for The Swim, Ben and crew were […]

1. Safari in the Serengeti National Park: Get an amazing view of wildlife in their natural habitat all year-round including lions, cheetahs, elephants and leopards. Follow the trail of the great migration and see over a million wildebeest plus zebra and gazelles walking in a column over 40km long in search of water.  2 Trek Mt Kilimanjaro: The most […]

Volunteer doctors are desperately needed for a remote clinic in Timor Leste.  There are local nurses and midwives to support the people of Maucatar however there is no doctor.  GP’s who can manage a short term visit would be greatly appreciated to help treat patients and teach local staff. This Medical Clinic opened in October […]

Money may not buy happiness but volunteering does! A recent economics study by Macquarie University confirms that volunteering makes people happy and provides a boost to their feelings of well-being when they put their hand up to help in their communities. As well as the feel-good factor, respondents had better self-assessed health and were less […]

Here are some of our top tips for staying safe while travelling overseas: Arriving in a foreign country: We recommend that you organise an airport arrival transfer in advance. You may arrive in a foreign city late at night and you may be tired and jet-lagged. Therefore, it is much safer (particularly if you have not […]

Why I wanted to do medicine … I was incredibly lucky to find this medical elective placement in Fiji; we were given opportunities to really get involved (within the realms of our capability) and I learnt a lot. Highlights included outreach clinics to villages far from the hospital and from other tourists, where we were […]