Nepal for Medical Students – We have a special Student Placement  – Nepal for Medical Students – commences on 8 December 2019. You will be based in one of several hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley as well as have the opportunity to do basic medical check-ups and conduct health and hygiene classes at a local […]

A Volunteer Nurse in Timor Leste Some of our volunteers are humble and do not always see how much value they deliver or understand the huge benefit of what they do. We believe (and hope) that the benefits emerge on many fronts: there are warm smiles and words of gratitude received from the patients, volunteers […]

Healthcare volunteering in Fiji Researching for our healthcare volunteering in Fiji programs: We climbed aboard a rickety old bus, gave a few coins to the driver and sat on a seat with torn covers. I looked out the window, there was no glass, however, the sea breeze provided some very welcome ventilation. What did seem […]

Medical Volunteering in Namibia A relatively safe (although not risk-free) destination is to visit and go volunteering in Namibia.  It’s location in the far south of Africa places it a very long distance from the troubles in the West African nations.  The vivid desert landscape and wildlife are awesome with magnificent cheetahs now part of […]

Dental Volunteering in Cambodia As I embarked on my 7 day dental volunteering in Cambodia experience, I was filled with excitement and nerves all at the same time. I have always wanted to go solo-travelling. Having thought about this dental elective since I started dental school in 2013 and planned it with Karin at DocTours […]

Volunteering in Cambodia:  A team effort! A family decided to go volunteering in Cambodia (arranged by DocTours of course) and they spent their time at a busy school in Siem Reap.  The school hosts over 800 disadvantaged children everyday to educate them and help them learn English.  The children are from surrounding slums and therefore the school provides nurturing, […]

Medical Volunteering in Cambodia Derek and I travelled through Cambodia (yes, again!) in late December to review our placements for volunteering in Cambodia.  We now have hospitals and clinics in four different cities and they are all asking for DocTours volunteers to lend a hand and share their knowledge.  All general medical professions are highly […]

Jambo Bwana! Medical Volunteering in Tanzania Home to Africa’s highest mountain – Mount Kilimanjaro – and Lake Manyara with its tens of thousands of elegant Flamingos. The incredible Ngorongoro Crater boasting the largest intact caldera in the world, it shelters one of the most beautiful wildlife havens anywhere, with a permanent population of more than […]

Medical Volunteering in Cambodia: What a great way to start the New Year by helping others and practicing back to basics medicine with the re-introduction of our medical clinic program in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This is a small health centre treating up to 40 patients (mainly children) a day and seeing everything from general and tropical medicine […]

Namaste from Nepal – Volunteering in Nepal …. by Jennifer Leow, RN. A nurse volunteering in Nepal: I first saw DocTours advertisement in “The Lamp” (New South Wales Nurses and Midwives Association) magazine. The first thought that came to mind as I would love to experience my first nursing volunteer work in a totally different […]

Volunteering in Fiji:  After a few months of negotiation we are now offering volunteering in FIJI as our newest destination. This has many great advantages including inexpensive airfares (book early), short flights, a tropical island experience and of course a full range of specialist, GP, nursing and student placements. Fiji certainly has its challenges medically so here lies an opportunity […]

Something awesome – a nurse volunteering in Cambodia We have been moved by the awesome experience of Amanda Mason-Jones, an Australian nurse volunteering in Cambodia at a health care clinic with DocTours.  The clinic relies on foreign donations and  support. She wrote to us: ” I’ve just returned from volunteering as a nurse in Siem Reap, Cambodia. […]

DocTours Newsletter April 2014 Hi Everyone, This month we received lots of great feedback from our volunteers in Fiji, This month we received lots of great feedback from our volunteers in Fiji, Cambodia and Sri Lanka and we share some of their experiences below. Our tour to Bhutan departs in just 3 weeks and another date has been scheduled for […]

Hey Everyone!  As we approach mid-winter, our thoughts lead to travelling somewhere warm.  We offer many destinations where the weather is balmy (Fiji or Tonga anyone?).  This month, we share the experiences of one of our young doctors who recently volunteered in Nepal. Happy reading, kind regards and please follow us on Facebook, Karin and Derek.   […]

Hello Everyone!   Welcome to our May newsletter.   We share the inspiring story of Syl Freedman and how she transitioned from being an endo sufferer to being a full time EndoActivist, raising awareness, supporting other women as well as studying at uni.   Happy reading and have fun!  Karin and Derek. One in ten women […]

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our March newsletter. We have an article sent in by Sally Haw on what it is like to work in a developing country – we are delighted to share her perspectives with you. Happy reading and have fun! Karin and Derek. Working in a Developing Country – What is it Like? […]

Hello Everyone!   We follow a young doctor’s footsteps while volunteering in the dermatology department of a Nepalese hospital.  We then share glimpses of Sri Lanka – a country that is calling out for help with physiotherapy.   Happy reading, keep warm and have fun! Karin and Derek.   Olane – a young doctor’s volunteer experience […]

Hello Everyone! Our hottest new destination is Tonga and volunteers from all stages of their career are very welcome there. GP’s are needed for the local medical clinic while medical specialists and students are invited to spend some time at the main hospital in the capital city of Nuku’alofa. Is it time to enjoy ‘island […]

Hello Everyone! An exciting new year ahead helping our volunteers to prepare for the exciting new challenge of volunteering abroad. This month we take a look at a fascinating journey of one of our young volunteers in Myanmar. We have more details on our hot new destination for 2017 – the Kingdom of Tonga. Happy […]

Hello Everyone! A quick pause to reflect before we leap into another year of contributing towards the improvement of healthcare in developing countries. A massive thank you to all of our volunteers – each and every one has helped to make a difference. This month we have a sneak peak at one of our new […]

Hi Everyone, We are almost into the month of “Movember”, We have a couple of awesome groups of medical students visiting Nepal over the next two months. This is a great opportunity to travel with other young Aussies, stay with a local family and learn about living and working in a foreign country. The host […]

Hello Everyone! With a sense of pride, we wish ‘bon voyage’ to lots of medical students who are jetting off to Fiji, Nepal, Cambodia, Ecuador, Namibia and Sri Lanka to do their international medical elective with DocTours. Meanwhile, closer to home, we have been receiving requests for dentists to help out in Balibo, Timor Leste, […]

Hello Everyone! We are showcasing a beautiful tropical island this month that needs the assistance of medical volunteers and medical elective students are very welcome. With a troublesome history this destination is still feared by We are showcasing a beautiful tropical island this month that needs the assistance of medical volunteers and medical elective students […]

Hello Everyone! Cambodia is our focus this month as we have been catching up with the hospitals and clinics that DocTours works with across the country. We have also been meeting with some new hospitals that need our assistance to help deliver better healthcare and develop the local staff. Geographically positioned between Vietnam and Thailand, […]