Cambodia - a warm welcome awaits

DocTours medical volunteers providing healthcare in Cambodia and are doing terrific work to help the young people build happier and healthier lives. 

Don (a paramedic) said:  “Wow what an amazing experience being part of the medical volunteer program. I taught the children about hygiene and treated one of the volunteers at the school. Thanks for arranging this; I’m going to spend a few extra days in Siem Reap as I’m really enjoying it”. 

Dr Jimmy took a fully equipped emergency medical backpack with him to Cambodia.  He taught CPR to the teachers and students at a school and then donated the equipment so they could continue to practice!  He is pictured above with some of the young students.

Fiona (a medical student) told us:  “I learnt so much and also gained a lot of confidence from the placement where I ended up seeing quite of lot of patients from the community as well as the school children”.  

Alison (another medical student):  “The hospital placement was an eye opening experience where I was able to see many conditions which are uncommon in Australia such as TB, dengue and a baby born with gastroschisis.  The staff at the hospital made an effort to include me in their clinical work.”   Alison also presented a huge supply of medical donations to the Medical Director (with thanks to AirborneAid).

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