Orphanages in Cambodia have received some poor PR in recent years.  However, through our contacts in the medical industry, we often connect with schools and causes where allied health professionals are genuinely needed. They have asked for the support of medical professionals and healthcare students – do you know someone who can help?

It is a special needs school in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.  They have 140 children and young adults, all with disabilities. Therefore they really welcome volunteers to provide additional support.  This includes medical, OT, physio, speech therapy, massage therapy and nursing as well as friendly, dedicated students who can provide day to day care for the children.  They have a medical clinic (which is quite well equipped) as well as specialised physio and play areas where they continue to improve the quality of life to the children.  

Cambodia:  Where help is genuinely needed!

If you have training, experience,  and/or the desire to work with young people with disabilities, this program will welcome you.  During your visit, you will be able to share your knowledge and skills with the local staff so that they can continue your good work after you return home.  The goal is to encourage a sustainable and caring environment with a positive impact for the children.

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