Hello Everyone! An exciting new year ahead helping our volunteers to prepare for the exciting new challenge of volunteering abroad. This month we take a look at a fascinating journey of one of our young volunteers in Myanmar. We have more details on our hot new destination for 2017 – the Kingdom of Tonga. Happy […]

Hello Everyone! A quick pause to reflect before we leap into another year of contributing towards the improvement of healthcare in developing countries. A massive thank you to all of our volunteers – each and every one has helped to make a difference. This month we have a sneak peak at one of our new […]

Hi Everyone, We are almost into the month of “Movember”, We have a couple of awesome groups of medical students visiting Nepal over the next two months. This is a great opportunity to travel with other young Aussies, stay with a local family and learn about living and working in a foreign country. The host […]

Hello Everyone! With a sense of pride, we wish ‘bon voyage’ to lots of medical students who are jetting off to Fiji, Nepal, Cambodia, Ecuador, Namibia and Sri Lanka to do their international medical elective with DocTours. Meanwhile, closer to home, we have been receiving requests for dentists to help out in Balibo, Timor Leste, […]

Hello Everyone! Cambodia is our focus this month as we have been catching up with the hospitals and clinics that DocTours works with across the country. We have also been meeting with some new hospitals that need our assistance to help deliver better healthcare and develop the local staff. Geographically positioned between Vietnam and Thailand, […]

Hello Everyone! In the midst of our colder weather, why not start planning to travel somewhere warm and do something great with DocTours! This month, we trace the footsteps of a doctor in Tanzania and we have kickstarted our partnership with Airborne Aid by sending medical supplies with one of our medical volunteers travelling to […]

Hello Everyone! We love sharing the fantastic experiences of our international volunteers. This month, we have a report from a Danish nurse who volunteered with DocTours in Fiji and survived the devastating impact of Cyclone Winston! We also have a report from a young medic who was able to cover a lot of ground in […]

Hello Everyone! We have had an awesome April and have enjoyed meeting many medical students across the country. Thank you to all of our volunteers helping the people in Fiji and Nepal this month. Both countries have suffered more challenges than usual as a result of natural disasters and somehow manage to soldier on. Happy […]

My Mum started researching endo more heavily—while I was incredibly sick and depressed. She read about a drug called Visanne that was used to treat endo available overseas but not in Australia. We started a change.org petition, which, to our surprise, went bezerk and got 74,500 signatures. Thousands of people left comments on that petition—mainly […]

DocTours Newsletter August 2015 Hello, Everyone! We have two wonderful stories from two awesome DocTours volunteers who recently returned from Timor Leste and Nepal. The common themes we hear from past volunteers include: having the most amazing experience, learning a great deal (both personally and professionally) and a desire to do it again.  You can see […]

DocTours Newsletter March 2016 Hello, Everyone! DocTours is steaming ahead with the help and dedication of so many wonderful volunteers. However, we continually receive requests from hospitals who would love more volunteers to help treat and teach.  There are amazing opportunities in Sri Lanka, new medical clinics in Cambodia and medical skills are always needed in Fiji. I have […]

DocTours Newsletter February 2016 Hello, Everyone! During January, I had the pleasure of traveling with a group of medical students on one our of volunteer programs in Nepal. There were challenges (of course) however the students were enthusiastic, energetic, fearless and smart. I have shared my observations below. We also show you some of the […]

DocTours Newsletter January 2016 Hello and Happy New Year Everyone! A final year medical student from Queensland spent two months with DocTours in Nepal late last year.  He has shared his wonderful experiences with us below. We hope to see you on a DocTours Volunteer program in 2016! Happy Reading! Dr. Sam’s introduction to Nepal Over the […]

DocTours Newsletter December 2015 Hello Everyone, We have just returned from a site inspection of Fiji which is becoming one of our most popular destinations for volunteers.  Our travels were a long way from the five-star resorts and we continue to see an acute demand for medical and healthcare assistance.  We have shared some of our […]

DocTours Newsletter September 2015 Hello Everyone!  We welcome the arrival of Spring with open arms! This month, we share a wonderful story from Nurse Maria who volunteered with DocTours in Ecuador and we also look at some of  the challenges faced by medical teams in Cambodia. Our photo competition continues so please share your pics that reflect Global Health. See more […]

DocTours Newsletter July 2015 Hello Everyone! Whether it is Dry July or just Cold July, we are all looking forward to Spring and planning a visit to somewhere warm and balmy such as Fiji, Cambodia or Sri Lanka. We have profiled the amazing Annabel who has just completed her second volunteer program in Cambodia. We […]

DocTours Newsletter February 2015 Hello Everyone! A huge way to make a difference is to teach others new skills, help them to learn and practice their English and develop their independence.  Our medical volunteers are making a massive contribution in developing countries through treating patients but also sharing their experiences to develop the local staff.  […]

DocTours Newsletter November 2014 Hi Everyone, Volunteering in a foreign country can be challenging however we receive so much positive feedback that outweighs any uncertainty about the experience.  We share another chapter from an Aussie nurse who has been volunteering in a hospital in Cambodia and is already planning to go back!  As Christmas rapidly approaches, Tracey from […]

DocTours Newsletter October 2014 Hi Everyone, There has been a lot of interest in our new medical placement in Timor Leste which desperately needs more doctors, nurses and midwives to continue to provide healthcare to the local community.  We also share the moving experience of an Aussie nurse who has been volunteering at a hospital in Cambodia.  There is another […]

Hi Everyone, Today we are introducing a new medical placement in Timor Leste.  The medical clinic desperately needs doctors, nurses, midwives and students to help provide primary health care to rural villagers.  We also show how some local volunteers provide disabled people with the amazing experience of sailing on Sydney harbour.  We have a peep at one of the […]

DocTours Newsletter July 2014 Hi Everyone, This month we share another amazing experience of two medical students who volunteered in Nepal.  There are a few places available on our small group journey to Bhutan 13-22 November and for something really different, a cruise on a small yacht through the Spice Islands.  We have another blog from Tracey at Curious, Interested […]

DocTours Newsletter June 2014 Hi Everyone, This month we share the amazing experience of two volunteers at an orphanage in Phnom Penh and also a blog from Curious, Interested about employee satisfaction in the workplace.  Bookings are open for our next small group Journey to Bhutan (just a tour – no conferencing or working involved) and […]

DocTours Newsletter March 2014 Hi Everyone, You hold the hand of many, Listen to the words of all, You become more than company, And are there at the slightest call, Bringing joy, laughter, warmth and song Leaving with what you knew all along, That shared peace with a willing heart, Can be found in all […]

DocTours Newsletter February 2014 Hi Everyone, Welcome to DocTours Small Group Journeys – unique tours that explore the culture, people and traditions of the country that we visit. Of course accommodation will be in traditional architectural style (as best we can) as we take the opportunity to taste the local food, mix with the people and be a […]