A volunteer from Doc Tours recently visited Sigatoka Hospital to practice Occupational Therapy for the local Fijians. This was Robyn Scheer’s second visit as a volunteer in Sigatoka and she reported back on her experience. Day 1 Monday: Sigatoka Hospital, Fiji The week began with an 8 am meeting of all doctors at Sigatoka hospital […]

Fiji has much to offer outside the tourist resorts and is a fantastic location for medical volunteers and students.  Here are some fun things to do: 1. Get down and dirty in a mud bath and swim in a natural hot spring. Known to be great for the skin and a real cleansing experience.  Afterwards stroll […]

Why I wanted to do medicine … I was incredibly lucky to find this medical elective placement in Fiji; we were given opportunities to really get involved (within the realms of our capability) and I learnt a lot. Highlights included outreach clinics to villages far from the hospital and from other tourists, where we were […]

Healthcare volunteering in Fiji Researching for our healthcare volunteering in Fiji programs: We climbed aboard a rickety old bus, gave a few coins to the driver and sat on a seat with torn covers. I looked out the window, there was no glass, however, the sea breeze provided some very welcome ventilation. What did seem […]

Volunteering in Fiji:  After a few months of negotiation we are now offering volunteering in FIJI as our newest destination. This has many great advantages including inexpensive airfares (book early), short flights, a tropical island experience and of course a full range of specialist, GP, nursing and student placements. Fiji certainly has its challenges medically so here lies an opportunity […]