Volunteer doctors are desperately needed for a remote clinic in Timor Leste.  There are local nurses and midwives to support the people of Maucatar however there is no doctor.  GP’s who can manage a short term visit would be greatly appreciated to help treat patients and teach local staff. This Medical Clinic opened in October 2016 and provides primary healthcare to the local population, treating all ailments in men, women, and children, as well as providing maternity care. The clinic is located in the village of Maucatar and the nearest town is Suai. 

Qualified doctors at all stages in training – from interns to senior doctors and specialists of any kind are very welcome. There are permanent midwives who conduct deliveries and therefore obstetric experience is appreciated but not essential.

Typical presentations range from viral upper respiratory infections, to scabies, acute malnutrition, musculo-skeletal pain, pneumonia, tuberculosis, abscesses, minor trauma, and almost anything else! There is a stock of common medicines that are provided free to patients, although there can be shortages of some medicines.  There is the option to refer patients to the hospital in Suai if needed.

Local staff will translate for you during your consultations with patients (the local people speak Tetum, and local staff speak English, French, Italian, and Indonesian). An average day will see 10-30 patients, so there is plenty of time to spend with patients, to teach the staff, and to perform procedures and minor surgery if you feel able to do so.

Once a week there is an outreach program to visit local villages as these people are often not able to get to the clinic themselves. You would see approximately 30-80 patients on these visits, often consulting outdoors in the open air. 

The Clinic is also involved in health promotion activities including dental, nutritional and antenatal education and recently introduced the Dying at Home Program to the local population. The clinic is integrated into the local community, so you have the opportunity to follow up with patients, as the Sisters and staff generally know all of the local people personally. 

If you have been thinking about giving back to a needy community and travelling somewhere off-the-beaten track, then this is a very worthwhile placement.  Even a week can make a world of difference.  For more details:  https://doctours.com.au/urgent-placements/  or email us:  enquiries@doctours.com.au.