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We have had an awesome April and have enjoyed meeting many medical students across the country. Thank you to all of our volunteers helping the people in Fiji and Nepal this month. Both countries have suffered more challenges than usual as a result of natural disasters and somehow manage to soldier on.

Happy reading, kind regards and please follow us on Facebook, Karin and Derek.

The hottest destination for 2016


Namibia is crushing it as one of our most popular volunteering destinations for 2016. Although sparsely populated, the indigenous people have limited access to public healthcare and therefore a remote medical clinic funded by charity is their main port of call. DocTours has been sending medical volunteers there for several years to help with the caseload, training and research projects. Support is provided to this underprivileged community where most children are malnourished and TB and HIV are prevalent.

The enormity and richness of the sand dunes is breathtaking. The colour, shape and texture of the dunes is constantly changing and they are a highlight for photographers.


Namibia is the home of the Skeleton Coast – also known as the largest graveyard for ships in the world due to ferocious seas lapping its beautiful coastline.

The country is not all desert however. The Okavango and Zambezi rivers pass through Namibia and the abundance of water sustains a large population of native wildlife. A safari before sunrise will by a highlight with herds of elephants, zebra, wildebeest, antelope and an abundance of bird life visiting the waterholes.

The top 3 reasons for volunteering through DocTours


1. We do it all for you.

‘Do what’ you may ask. We identify, locate, arrange, liaise, communicate with hospitals and clinics in developing countries. We book the best placement for you (and your family and friends), we arrange airport transfers, accommodation and registration so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

2. Information.

Our checklists, information guides and pre-departure information = no surprises. We actively seek feedback from our volunteers and play it forward. We tell you what it costs to live and work in the destination, we let you know what is included and what is excluded so you can budget accordingly.

3. Worthwhile work.

Many hospitals and clinics in developing countries approach us because they need support. Your expertise and your compassion is needed.