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Our hottest new destination is Tonga and volunteers from all stages of their career are very welcome there. GP’s are needed for the local medical clinic while medical specialists and students are invited to spend some time at the main hospital in the capital city of Nuku’alofa. Is it time to enjoy ‘island time’ yet?

Happy reading and have fun! Karin and Derek.


Tonga – Welcomes Students

school_boysTonga is known as the ‘friendly islands’ however the locals often seem more like family. With a population of around 106,000, they are surrounded by a lush garden of tropical palms and coral beaches. A deeply religious nation, the boys here are dressed in formal sarongs for school. Swim in the lagoon or ride a canoe after work. Feast on tropical fruits, root vegetables and fresh seafood.

This is an interesting and affordable place to visit and do your elective (medical, dental and nursing students are all welcome). Rotate through the hospital departments and join the community outreach programs focusing on diabetes, general medicine and health promotion).

Email for more details: enquiries@doctours.com.au

Tonga – Calling all specialists

friends_cafeThe main hospital in Tonga has 200 beds and 52 doctors – many are generalists (or there may be just one consultant in each specialty and therefore don’t have a peer group) and so appreciate visiting medical specialists to help develop, coach and mentor the staff, exchange ideas and experiences. All specialties are welcome and therefore please enquire for more details.

While you are there, visit the local Friends Cafe and say Malo e lelei (hello) to the locals and enjoy the best coffee in Tonga.

… some more great news!

ecg_machineLast week, volunteer Doctor Ava carried a new ECG with her to Battambang Cambodia. The machine is a generous donation from the DAK Foundation – thank you!!

Meanwhile, one of our Rotary colleagues delivered two suitcases, overflowing with beautiful children’s books, to a school library in Fiji. He was sailing on a cruise ship around the islands and therefore did not have any luggage or weight restrictions. What a great way to deliver valuable materials to our neighbours!

Need funding for your elective?

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To get started, visit them at promedfinance.com.au (Australian Credit Licence number 388395).