Hey Everyone!  As we approach mid-winter, our 46265655e96c91286342759929ce0468thoughts lead to travelling somewhere warm.  We offer many destinations where the weather is balmy (Fiji or Tonga anyone?).  This month, we share the experiences of one of our young doctors who recently volunteered in Nepal.

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Namaste, from a young doctor in Nepal

drs_in_remote_clinicI’m currently three weeks into a four week volunteering trip to Nepal and can safely say that I’ve loved every minute here!!! Over the past three weeks I’ve been exposed to a variety of surgical medicine at both the local hospital in Banepa and the National Trauma Centre in Kathmandu.
Whilst the local hospital has provided an opportunity to observe and participate in general surgery, the Trauma Centre granted insight into the practice of more specialist medicine in regards to burns and plastic surgery. In both hospitals I was welcomed into both outpatient clinic and the operating room and made to feel a part of the team despite the language barrier between myself and the patients.
To cap it all off my hosts Bijuli and Sunita have dsc_0820been extremely welcoming and generous with their time. Whenever there is time off from volunteering I’m off on a day trip with Bijuli to a different part of Nepal and thanks to Sunita I’ve had an array of delicious local Nepali food.
Looking forward to my last week here where I will leave the hospital system and venture into community medicine at both rural and school clinics, should be an exciting challenge and provide further exposure to the healthcare challenges facing the developing world.
Dr Parthipan Balasubramaniam

Airborne Aid and DocTours Partnership

25936a6147756afdec085f9a1c942bb4Airborne Aid is an international non-profit organisation based in Australia, connecting medical aid donations with destinations in need through your free luggage space.  Whether you are travelling overseas for a medical elective, volunteer placement or even a holiday, let us help you to help those in need.
Read more and register your interest with Airborne Aid.
DocTours is proud to be their distributor for NSW and we have just taken delivery of a large volume of medical supplies suitable for donating to hospitals and clinics in developing countries.

Raising Awareness for Endometriosis


The 2nd EndoActive Conference is being held at Sydney University on Saturday 9 September.  The day promises to provide great networking opportunities for women and girls to share their experience of endo as well as learning from top professionals including:
  • Deborah Bush, CEO Endometriosis NZ
  • Dr Susan Evans, Gynaecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon, Specialist Pain Medicine Physician and Chair of the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia
  • Dr Anne Clark, OBGYN and Medical Director of Fertility First
  • Dr Meredith Craigie, Anaesthetist and specialist pain medicine physician
  • Dr Kate Stone, OBGYN, sonologist, ultrasound specialist
  • Dr Rebecca Burgell, Gastroenterologist
For more information and tickets, please visit:  EndoActive Conference

It is interesting to know that Endo affects 1 in ten women!