Healthcare volunteering in Fiji

Researching for our healthcare volunteering in Fiji programs: We climbed aboard a rickety old bus, gave a few coins to the driver and sat on a seat with torn covers. I looked out the window, there was no glass, however, the sea breeze provided some very welcome ventilation. What did seem to matter was the bus driver’s ability to change gears – he clutched a long rusty shaft that grunted through a large hole in the floor next to him. It was very hot. The bus was full however it stopped wherever and whenever more passengers wanted to be picked up. Sometimes they could not pay so they gave the driver some vegetables or something to drink as their ‘payment’. The tropical temperatures rose and the bus was overcrowded but he stopped again when requested. Four mothers, each carrying their newborn baby in their arms, climbed on-board. Being a very friendly and community minded people, nobody stood to offer the new mum a seat on the bus however the babies were handed to the seated passengers who cuddled them as if they were family!

We met with the dedicated staff at some of the larger hospitals in Fiji and they all have the same messages. They are short-staffed in all departments and they welcome the support and assistance of all medical professionals. They would appreciate some training and refresher sessions in many skill areas. Even one week of your time would be really valued. Stay for a week or two to help others and enjoy this beautiful, friendly island destination at the same time!

Medical volunteering in Fiji

Nurses in Fiji

More details on our Fiji healthcare volunteer programs are attached.