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By Travelling Solo, published on 10 January 2019

DocTours Medical Volunteers - travel to work by tuktuk!

Kate Webster

An international volunteer experience must be the ultimate prize for solo travellers.

DocTours Medical Volunteers arranges volunteer programs for medical professionals and healthcare students in developing countries. 

DocTours is passionate about improving access to healthcare for everyone – globally.  Our volunteers help to treat patients, coach and train local staff and often take donations of medical supplies and equipment with them for the local hospital. Many travel solo and others take their non-medical partner with them to share the experience.

Why do doctors, nurses and medical students want to leave the comfort of home and volunteer at a hospital in a developing country? The reasons are varied and vast.  A genuine desire to make a difference, escape the day-to-day and explore a new culture.

Undertake school health checks in Nepal with DocTours

What makes DocTours a great option for solo travellers?

  • No single supplement. Travel in developing countries is affordable and you can stay in basic, but comfortable, guesthouse accommodation with your own room, a swimming pool and free Wi-Fi. 
  • Meet like-minded people from all over the world. Swap travel stories and exchange tips on the essential sight-seeing, the best places to eat and get good coffee, as well as all of the practicalities of getting a SIM card or getting your laundry sorted.
  • Do something amazing and useful.  Volunteering and living overseas is a life-long dream for many however deciding when, where and who to go with can be the challenging part.  Travelling solo means not having to get agreement from friends or family – just go when it suits you and start living the dream.
  • Volunteer and practice new skills. For example, helping children with their English pronunciations and reading is always valued, other useful skills include healthcare, marketing, web design and legal.  You will develop professionally and personally through your initiative, enhancing your communication skills, cultural awareness and leadership skills.

DocTours helps to prepare volunteers to travel overseas and takes care of all the arrangements to save time, hassle and a lot of hard work!  DocTours organises the hospital placement, local medical registration, visa information, accommodation, airport transfers and provide a comprehensive information package on where to eat, what to pack, local customs, culture and safety tips on each destination.

They work in fabulous destinations including Nepal, Fiji, Tonga, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Timor Leste, Tanzania, Namibia and Ecuador.

Since launching in 2012, DocTours has sent hundreds of medical professionals (and students) to developing countries to help make a difference.

DocTours is an Australian company providing flexible, customised placements and awesome service.  Volunteers pay their own way and thus do not place a burden on the country that they visit.  They are happy to do so and gain a life-changing experience that makes a real difference to fellow humans.

Contact: Sydney on (02) 9967 8888 

Email:  enquiries@doctours.com.au

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Provide healthcare to local schoolchildren with DocTours.