This New Book Reveals How to Plan your International Student Placement and Get the Most Out of It ....

So you can save time, make an impact and have an awesome experience.

Anatomy of an Awesome Medical Elective

This is the 'go-to' text when researching your international student placement and provides you with:

Useful information on how to choose, plan and get the most out of your elective.

Helpful tips on what to pack, how to budget, how to stay safe and what to do when things go wrong!

Guidance to avoid the hassle, the stress and the confusion when planning and arranging your elective.

Inspiration from some of the truly life-changing and amazing experiences from hundreds of students who have travelled before you.

Your Medical Elective Should Be
The Time of Your Life!

This is a unique text that will be invaluable for all medical and healthcare students.   

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Authored by Karin Eurell, co-founder of DocTours Medical Volunteers and passionate about travel.

Here's what I'll be covering...

New book: Anatomy of an Awesome Medical Elective

Valuable tips and information on:

Popular destinations to help you choose where to go for your elective and the highlights of each location.

What to expect and what to see when you get there.  Plus key learning opportunities.

    Medical elective book

    Useful suggestions on how to plan and prepare for the journey and what documents you will need.

    Tips on budgeting and identifying what funding options are available to you.

    How to keep healthy and stay safe while travelling and working abroad.

    Student placements in Nepal

    Helpful checklists on what to pack, what to wear in different locations and what to leave at home.

    Venturing into a new hospital on your first day.  Communicating with local staff and patients, building relationships and trust. 


    What to do when things don't go to plan (#shithappens).

    Interesting things to see and do while travelling in unique locations.

    Inspiration from some of the truly life-changing and amazing experiences of other students.

    Discover the potential impact of your visit on the local people.


    FREE (for a limited time)

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