Meet Jaime, from NSW.  She has been volunteering as a nurse and midwife in Moshi, the capital of the Kilimanjaro region in north-eastern Tanzania.  She shared a picture of her holding a little guy that she just delivered.  The mum spoke no English and Jaime spoke very little Swahili at the time.  However, the mother […]

1. Safari in the Serengeti National Park: Get an amazing view of wildlife in their natural habitat all year-round including lions, cheetahs, elephants and leopards. Follow the trail of the great migration and see over a million wildebeest plus zebra and gazelles walking in a column over 40km long in search of water.  2 Trek Mt Kilimanjaro: The most […]

Jambo Bwana! Medical Volunteering in Tanzania Home to Africa’s highest mountain – Mount Kilimanjaro – and Lake Manyara with its tens of thousands of elegant Flamingos. The incredible Ngorongoro Crater boasting the largest intact caldera in the world, it shelters one of the most beautiful wildlife havens anywhere, with a permanent population of more than […]

Something awesome – a nurse volunteering in Cambodia We have been moved by the awesome experience of Amanda Mason-Jones, an Australian nurse volunteering in Cambodia at a health care clinic with DocTours.  The clinic relies on foreign donations and  support. She wrote to us: ” I’ve just returned from volunteering as a nurse in Siem Reap, Cambodia. […]

Hello Everyone! In the midst of our colder weather, why not start planning to travel somewhere warm and do something great with DocTours! This month, we trace the footsteps of a doctor in Tanzania and we have kickstarted our partnership with Airborne Aid by sending medical supplies with one of our medical volunteers travelling to […]

DocTours Newsletter March 2014 Hi Everyone, You hold the hand of many, Listen to the words of all, You become more than company, And are there at the slightest call, Bringing joy, laughter, warmth and song Leaving with what you knew all along, That shared peace with a willing heart, Can be found in all […]

DocTours Newsletter January 2014 Hi Everyone, The December-January holiday season seems to get busier every year! We had three medical students helping an ophthalmologist in Fiji, a team of three doctors, midwife and two medical students worked in Tanzania (and who could resist a safari and a visit to Zanzibar afterwards?) and read about the experience of an emergency doctor […]

DocTours Newsletter August 2013 Hi, Everyone! It is spring and time for some inspiring stories from our recent visits overseas – and now it is your turn to create your own story. What’s new? My recent reconnaissance in Tanzania I had been looking forward to flying into Kilimanjaro Airport. However after several flight delays it was […]

DocTours Newsletter June 2013 Hi, Everyone! Kung Hei Fat Choi – we wish everyone a happy and prosperous Year of the Snake! What’s hot? Cambodia Its eight o clock in the morning and hundreds of kids of all ages are queuing to enter the gates of their school where they are learning to speak English. Some live […]