Testimonials – other volunteers’ experience

Experience being a medical volunteer – here are testimonials from some of our previous volunteers:

I had a fantastic time in Nepal. Our hosts were fantastic – Bikram in particular was very welcoming and the whole team pretty much looked after us and treated us like family. All in all, I had an amazing time and I left Nepal already wanting to go back!

– Dr N.A. (Nepal)
Jamaica was an amazing experience, certainly pushed our boundaries. 🙂 adventure before dementia!

– Dr L.K.
Thanks Derek, Cambodia was an amazing experience I believe it has changed me forever. I cannot start to describe how fantastic this whole trip (but will) love the country, the people and your choices of accommodation have exceeded our expectations.

– Mrs N.D. RN (Cambodia)
I have had a few medical students ask me about my trip to Nepal and have recommended DocTours, so hope you hear from them.

– Dr C.H. (Nepal)
It was a strong experience as anticipated. The time in Bhutan was wonderful and your arrangements and attention to detail were perfect. And yes.. I would love to travel with you again!!

– Dr G.A. (Nepal)
Thank you again for all of your assistance in organising my trip to Tanzania. I had a wonderful time and there is no way that it would have all been so easy and worked out so well without your assistance. …I will certainly consider further programs that you are offering for my future travel plans and not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you again.”

– Ms S.C. RN (Tanzania)
Settling into Phnom Penh very well! I’m worried I won’t want to leave!! 🙂 I would love to see how they do things up in the Siem Reap clinics or hospitals. I think it may be a different view of Cambodian health care. I’m still enjoying Cambodia. I’ve adapted to life here and don’t know if I will survive when I do have to return to the real world!

– Ms C.D. RN (Cambodia)
Karin-in-Cambodia Moshi-TanzaniaKashgar medical-hut

Hi Karin, Thank you for this lovely email you have been so kind to me throughout this whole process thank you so much! I am presenting my bachelor dissertation. Everyone is really kind to me.

– Ms M.H. RN, (Fiji)
The project was amazing and the people there were just wonderful!! I wish I could have stayed longer – there is just so much to be done and the environment is absolutely amazing.”

– Ms J.K. (Costa Rica)
I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Sri Lanka. I had an absolutely incredible experience, thank you so much for the opportunity. Look forward to future adventures.

– Ms L.L. Med Student, (Sri Lanka)
Yes we made it here safely. It’s really nice here. We met with Josephine this morning and we’re both really happy with our placements. Thanks for all your help organising our stay here.

– Dr B.M. & Dr A.M. (Tanzania)
We are getting plenty done. We found that Tanzania-Moshi was an unforgettable experience and the Safari was a fantastic adventure.

– Dr P.M. (Tanzania)
Things are going well over here. After a really worthwhile and enjoyable orientation, we have been placed in Banepa, a town about an hour away from Kathmandu. I’m spending my days in the outpatients clinic treating patients, and I’m getting along okay – still getting the hang of the language and the local diseases and the different drug names. It’s pretty challenging but I’m feeling useful which is great. Our homestay couple are lovely and have been feeding us well. Internet access is very limited and we’re learning to cope with cold showers, but then again we have a sit-down toilet in the bathroom so we’re happy. I’ll try to update you as we settle in more.

– Dr J.O. (Nepal)
Thanks for the message. No issues at all. I am really enjoying my time in Tanzania. The placement is fantastic and I am staying with a lovely host family. I’d be happy to forward you some photos when I get a chance to upload them.

– Mr J.O. Med Student, (Tanzania)
We both really enjoyed the experience. Thank you very much for assisting us in being able to do that.

– Dr V.R (Cambodia)

Bhutan-temple an experienceDerek-in-Cambodia experience being a volunteer goodwill experience in tanzania river-canoe-Cambodia experience volunteer travel

Just back from Nepal and Japan. All went well. Thanks for all your help and planning.

– Dr J.R (Nepal)
I had a lovely time volunteering at Banepa Hospital – an eye-opening and fulfilling one. I would love to write an article about it which I will work on as soon as I can. Also, I would like to commend my hosts who were very hospitable and went out of their way to make me feel at home. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

– Ms M.S. RN, (Nepal)
I can’t wait, getting butterflies. Two month ago this was just a “one day” dream. Gosh this has really come around quickly! I am so excited and so humbled to be able to do this placement. It has attracted the interest of quite a few people. I am in the middle of trying to arrange a few of the items requested by the clinic.

– Ms E.S. RN (Cambodia)
Greetings to you both. Just letting u know we have had a great time so far. Have spoken and promoted ur tours to some other doctors! I think I have another trip in me next year as I would like to go to Nepal in February then to Bhutan. Cheers.

– Dr S.S. (Cambodia)
I had a fantastic time in Nepal, sorry for the late reply with this email! Thanks.

– Ms G.S. Student Nurse, (Nepal)
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for organising such a fantastic trip to Fiji. It was an amazing experience, surpassing all expectations! We were so well looked after and I couldn’t have asked for a better week!! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and Happy New Year! Thanks again.

– Ms A.R. Med student, (Fiji)
Yes – great experience and thanks for your work on sourcing the hospital – perfect. Accommodation – great. Safari and Dubai – excellent.

– Dr O.U. (Tanzania)
Firstly let me thank you for a well organised and enjoyable holiday. Overall we had a wonderful time. We particularly enjoyed Bhutan and would return there in the future. It was serene, interesting and thought provoking to visit a third world country that has got it together so well in just about every aspect. I would love to go and work there in the future if the opportunity arose. I had an enjoyable day teaching Nepalese medical students at a mountain outreach clinic and enjoyed the visits to Piple health centre. Geoff was able to give lectures to medical students at the hospital. It is always a fine line to tread when visiting health facilities in another country not to be critical of their system but I must confess I was shocked that no one seemed to bother with hand washing between patients. Having said that I found it an interesting experience and our home stay family were lovely. Overall though it was a great experience and once again from your perspective thank you for organising it so well.

– Dr J.V. (Nepal)
Thank you for sending me the write-up regarding my placement in Jamaica. It was very flattering. I am glad that I could help the people in Mandeville, and their appreciation is very much appreciated.

– Dr V.L. (Jamaica)
Landed safely in Siem Reap and really enjoying my placement at the medical clinic. Am learning lots – Jody is a great manager and supervisor and I have had a chance to tour the slum area that we service as well as visit the provincial hospital in Siem Reap and to the Angkor Hospital for Children. Once again, many thanks for all of your help with logistics and support – will keep in touch. Take care.

– Dr B.W. (Cambodia)
Overall it was an amazing experience but there were a few hiccups at the hospital. Thanks for organising everything, I will be in touch.

– Dr K.W. (Tanzania)
I am all settled in nicely here in my guesthouse in Battambang! The Tuk Tuk driver in Siem Reap was really nice and friendly and I shall be using his services whenever I pop down to Siem Reap! Thank you.

– Ms I.L.Med student, (Cambodia)
I have been having a blast in Nepal with both my volunteering experience and trekking!

– Ms A.P. (RN) (Nepal)
Hi Karin, thanks again for sending such a fabulous trio of staff. The doctors have been amazing looking after our patients and teaching our doctor and the nurse is brilliant. They have all instantly become such important parts of the team and I feel quite sad that they have left. Thanks again for recruiting such high calibre staff for us. Enjoy your weekend.

– Medical Supervisor, Cambodia
Thankyou so much Karin. Our placement is going really well, the staff at the hospital are very friendly and we’ve seen some amazing things. The volunteer house is good, and Moshi is fun, so very enjoyable :). Sorry it’s taken us a while to get feedback to you, overall we had an amazing time in Africa and we wanted to thank you for the opportunity you gave us. In relation to the project, the staff were fantastic and very welcoming, however there was little direction given to us when we arrived and we were left on our own to choose where to work each day (this was fine with us because we could explore different wards). We borrowed some scrubs and we found that we were much more readily accepted by staff and patients as part of the medical team. Also for medical students encourage them to gain some practical clinical skills beforehand so they can be more hands on, because we found that most of our training so far has been in the area of communication and history taking, and with the language barrier this was hard to put to use. We were lucky enough to watch some amazing surgeries and sit in on clinical consultations with doctors which was incredibly rewarding for us and we learned so much. Overall, Moshi is a beautiful town and the people, especially children, are really friendly. We met so many fantastic people, ate all the local food, and discovered the Moshi nightlife. We strongly recommend that volunteers go on safari and climb Kilimanjaro, we didn’t have time or money for the latter but everyone who did raved about it. Zanzibar was also beautiful and well worth the visit especially to wind down after some eye-opening experiences. Staying at the volunteer house also allowed us to go to other projects like schools and orphanages on our time off from the hospital. We will send some photos soon too! Thanks again.

– Ms LK & Ms RM, Med Students, (Tanzania)