Tonga - Awesome Things to Do and See while on placement

Here are just a few awesome things to do and see while in Tonga ..

1 . Swim with Humpback whales. During their migration in July-October, you can see them swimming along the coast. Take a boat trip so you can get closer and swim with them.
2. Explore the diverse underwater ecosystem while diving and snorkeling, admire the sea turtles and dolphins while kayaking and sailing or get active while kite-boarding or surfing.
3. In the South Pacific’s only Kingdom, a visit to the Royal Palace and the Royal Tombs is essential.
4. Island time is king on Tonga. There are no traffic lights and most cars drive at a leisurely pace. The capital, Nuku’alofa, is on the main island of Tongatapu with a huge lagoon and a coast lined with palm trees and blow-holes. Explore the Western side of the island, to see schools, churches, governmental buildings, sacred burial grounds, villages and crop plantations.
5. Speaking of churches, Tonga is a deeply religious country and therefore not much happens on a Sunday. Plan to visit a church, enjoy a traditional feast (yes, in Tonga, big is beautiful) and spend time with your new friends.
6. Don’t miss the spectacular blowholes: Mapu’a Vaea Blowholes and Houma Blowholes. Tsunami Rock: at the village of Kala’au a giant boulder stands near the sea. Local legends say it was thrown there by the demi god Maui. Geologists believe it was washed up by a giant tsunami!
7. Three -headed coconut tree: a bizarre and interesting mutation
8. Kolovai Flying Foxes: check out the fruit bats hanging from the trees and are considered sacred- only royalty are allowed to hunt them.
9. Abel Tasman Landing Place: where the first English Explorer visited the Kingdom of Tonga and it offers a beautiful view of the islands. Nearby is the Landing place of Christianity.
10. Vakaloa Beach Resort: to soak up breathtaking views of the beaches.
Explore the Eastern side of the island: Captain Cook’s Landing Place: situated by the lagoon at Mu’a – the old capital. Langi or the Terraced Tombs, Ancient Burial Tombs: located at Lapaha the ancient residence of the sacred kings of Tonga. A “langi” tomb always refers to a special burial place for chiefs or Kings. Ha’amonga Trilithon, Maka Fa’akinanga and the Langi Heketa: often called ‘Tonga’s Stonehenge’ an ancient stone archway. Langi Heketa: is a three-tiered royal burial was created using slabs of beach rock. Anahulu Cave: large limestone caverns and Tongatapu’s only freshwater pools. Located in Haveluli­ ku, just 30 minutes’ drive from town, this makes a great day out. Take a dip in the crystal-clear pools and then relax on the nearby beach. Oholei Beach: enjoy a stroll along the white sands and view the beautiful island of ‘Eua. Hufangalupe land-bridge – a fascinating cliff lookout
11. Next: explore the neighbouring islands. Eua: The flight is six minutes and one of the shortest flights in the world. Or, take the ferry (in fine weather). Eua Island is an eco-friendly destination and ideal for hiking and exploring rain forests, mountains, beautiful beaches in the west and rugged cliffs in the east.
12. Ha’apai Island group: 50 islands make up this archipelago, offering stunning beaches and a perfect place to relax and unwind.
13. Vava’u is a beautiful and popular island chain. The perfect place to swim with humpback whales, sail a yacht, and dive in the clear waters. Followed by some bird watching in the botanical gardens.
14. Friends Cafe: The place for all day dining and coffee in Nuku’alofa

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