Vietnam - Our Hot New Destination for medical students

We are very excited to launch placements in Vietnam – our hot new destination for medical students, nursing students and medical volunteers.  Vietnam:  A beautiful country, rich in culture, a challenging history and an amazingly interesting place to visit.

DocTours will be offering placements at the Viet Duc University Hospital (‘VDUH’) in Hanoi.  The VDUH is the largest surgical centre in Vietnam with more than 1500 beds and 52 operating rooms. Procedures include neurosurgery, orthopedics, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, gastroenterology, plastic, pediatric and urology surgery.  Emergency surgeries are available 24/7 while laparoscopic and robotic surgeries have also been introduced.  This is a great opportunity for those interested in emergency, ICU, surgery, anesthesiology and imaging diagnostics.  

Vietnam - Our Hot New Destination for medical students.  Hangout in outdoor cafes.

After hours, explore and enjoy this amazing country with many French influences …. outdoor cafes with local coffee, a delicious spring roll, beef noodle soup, smooth mango, colonial architecture, white sandy beaches, water puppet shows and markets selling fresh flowers and tropical fruits.  Vietnam is a fascinating and affordable place to visit.

Contact us to register your interest and obtain more details on Vietnam – our new destination for medical students.  E: