Money may not buy happiness but volunteering does! A recent economics study by Macquarie University confirms that volunteering makes people happy and provides a boost to their feelings of well-being when they put their hand up to help in their communities. As well as the feel-good factor, respondents had better self-assessed health and were less likely to have a long-term health condition. You can read more about the power and impact of volunteering on the Macquarie University website.

With International Volunteer Day on 5 December, we say a huge ‘thank you’ to all of our volunteers that have helped make a difference to our brothers and sisters in developing countries.  Your involvement helps people to know that someone cares, your skills help to reduce their pain and suffering and sharing your knowledge with them helps to builds a more sustainable workforce in the hospitals that you visit.  

Many of our volunteers are also filling their suitcase with donations of medical supplies sourced from AirborneAid and other fantastic organisations.  These initiatives work towards reducing waste and sending unwanted medical supplies and equipment to where they are badly needed.  Please give it a go next time you travel!

DocTours in Sri Lanka:  check out our new video

What is it really like in Sri Lanka?  It is much safer and more beautiful than you may realise.

To see behind-the-scenes, take a peep of what it is like when living and working in Sri Lanka, check out our short video…. it is just 90 seconds of awesomeness!

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