Volunteering in Cambodia:  A team effort!

A family decided to go volunteering in Cambodia (arranged by DocTours of course) and they spent their time at a busy school in Siem Reap.  The school hosts over 800 disadvantaged children everyday to educate them and help them learn English.  The children are from surrounding slums and therefore the school provides nurturing, a daily meal, community support as well as their education.

Medical Volunteering in Cambodia:  With an experienced Registered Nurse on the team, she hit the ground running to set up a First Aid Room for the school.  The school director was delighted and told us that she had “never seen a room so clean, labelled and organised.  Anna was kept very busy with all the children’s injuries, infections and skin rashes.  She spent time with some of the ill patients and nothing was too much trouble for her.  She often accompanied our Social Workers/ Counsellors to the hospital or clinic to sit in on the consultation, and then further explained the cause and care needed to the patient after leaving the clinic.  She also trained some of our staff in First Aid, and taught our students about hygiene and cleanliness.”

Volunteering in Cambodia – back to School to teach English:  Meanwhile, the rest of the family spent time in the classrooms, connecting with the children and helping the local Khmer teachers.  They were able to make suggestions on lesson planning and sporting activities and even helped out with the building a hut for a very poor family.  As a family team they had fun and were able to make a really meaningful contribution to the community during their two week visit.

Here are photos of the clinic before and after their visit.

March 2015.

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