NamibiaMedical Volunteering in Namibia

A relatively safe (although not risk-free) destination is to visit and go volunteering in Namibia.  It’s location in the far south of Africa places it a very long distance from the troubles in the West African nations.  The vivid desert landscape and wildlife are awesome with magnificent cheetahs now part of this photographer’s paradise as well as baby baboon, adorable aardvark and puff adder.  The unreliable rainfall makes every drop that quenches the thirsty dry landscapes even more precious than Namibia’s diamonds.

The medical clinic welcomes specialist doctors, nurses and medical students to help provide free primary health care to the community.  Developing its field work is a major concern for the clinic and they are keen to develop a “village camp”. A camp will provide the means for doctors and medical volunteers to spend more time out in the field, thus bringing vital care to more remote villages.

A recent donation of a fridge to be fitted into the clinic’s ambulance, making the transport of medical samples, drugs and vaccinations that much easier, as well as six quality sleeping bags, will really go a long way.

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